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"Helen is a naturally gifted coach. Her level of perception and ability to "read between the lines" is remarkable...I feel she totally supports and commits to me in my quest to work on and improve the areas of my life that need attention...when a session has finished, I always leave feeling a worthier person"
Rachel - Opera Singer

Another Satisfied Client

"With Helen's support I have started to see my own potential and recognise how and what I need to do differently to achieve my goals. I now feel confident in my ability to be successful and have evidenced successes as a result of Helen's support. Thank you Helen you are a great coach."
Kevin - Life Coach

Another Satisfied Client

"My coaching session with Helen have enabled me to put my thoughts in order and clarify what is important to me, and vitally, why...rather than see my ultimate goals as distanst and unattainable , I have learnt to take small steps and see that the whole is made up of these small vital can equip you with vital skills for getting the most out of life..."
Lou - Business Woman and Mother

Another Satisfied Client

"......has been both uplifting, supportive and confidence building - all the things I was looking to achieve have or are now coming about..."
Jacquline - House wife and Charity worker

Another Satisfied Client

"Working with Helen has been rewarding for me. I have learnt to organise my time and to understand a little more as to why I sabotage my goals. This has enabled me to move forward and achieve my goals with clarity and focus."
Leoni - Painter and Yoga Instructor

Another Satisfied Client

"...Helen has helped me find my voice..."
Cheryle - Opera Singer

Another Satisfied Client

"...Helen has helped me reconnect with my essence..."
Nadine- Corporate Coach

Another Satisfied Client

Testimonials from Drama Students:
"With drama school being such an intense emotional experience, life coaching has been absolutely essential in keeping my head straight throughout this journey.”

“It has helped me realise and challenge my limiting beliefs, made me challenge myself – the behaviour that can negatively affect my performance. I learnt self awareness, confidence and self-belief.”

“It has helped me to be more truthful in everything I do. I now approach all pieces with a clear mind.”

“I learned to be totally open in every session and surrender - now I feel that I believe in myself thanks to Helen.”

“It made me aware of my inner thoughts and my inner problems and gave me the necessary tools to help me. I learnt to be happy, to not take things personally and how to ask others for help.”

“The coaching process has been very useful for my work. It has given me self belief so now when I act I can relax and be in the present moment.”
Waj Ali

“It has given me acting confidence and audition confidence and allowed myself to accept the bumps and learning curves of drama school.”

“It has given me more awareness of the areas I need to focus on in order to grow as an actress – my focus and my consistency. The exercises we have done have helped me know myself and set clear goals to get where I want to go.”

“I have learnt to be focused in my work and to set a weekly goal and to be brave and take risks!” Maika

“I honestly don’t think I would be where I am without Helen. She is genuinely one of the most inspirational teachers and has helped me grow so much.”

Another Satisfied Client

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